1. Do I need to know how to play Spikeball to join the league?


You do not need to be an experienced Spikeball athlete to join the league! It is a simple game that is easy to pick up and the league is geared towards all skill levels. Rankings will determine team schedules to ensure that teams will be challenged with the most appropriate level of competition!

2. Should I have 2 or 3 players on my team?

This is up to the individual team. Spikeball is a two player game so if you have three players on your team one player will need to sit out each point(s). But, 3 players on your team ensures that your team has enough players each week and makes the league cheaper for each team. 


3. What is the playing surface like?

We have rented brand new facilities that are essentially astro-turf regulation sized soccer fields. For those who fear 'turf burn' we recommend knee pads.

4. Where is the value? I can play Spikeball in a park?

TSBL is creating a competitive league atmosphere. We invested in renting the equipment, clothing, field rentals, playoff refs, scorekeeping, and have partnered with local businesses to maximize value for our players. More so, it will be fun!

5. What if I want to sign up but don’t have a team yet?

That is okay! Pay the team registration fee and sign up under your name and a placeholder for player(s) 2 and 3. You have time to find the perfect partner prior to week 1. By then it may be too late to reserve a team spot in TSBL.

6. When does the league operate?

The league begins Wednesday, July 3, from 7-8pm. The league runs for 8 weeks.


7. Where is TSBL?

TSBL takes place at Toronto Soccerplex - 101 Railside Road, North York, ON  M3A 1B2 (Lawrence & DVP)